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Business Law

James Casey Law has the experience and resources to help you navigate the challenges of starting and operating your business. Whether you are looking for terms and conditions for your website, are in need of an interpretation of a contract, looking to incorporate, or have any other legal need, James Casey Law is the place to go to help your business grow.

James Casey Law would be honored if you allowed us to make your business, corporation, partnership, or LLC more profitable. Businesses often find themselves entering into contracts, dealing with employment law issues, and struggling with how to profit while complying with laws and regulations. We have extensive experience assisting non-profit corporations with incorporation, obtaining 501(c)-3 status, filing annual reports, and assisting with day-to-day operations. At James Casey Law you are guaranteed an individual experience accompanied by excellent service.

Our Ojai office serves the Ventura County area and surrounding communities. We invite you to contact our office directly for a free consultation to determine how our law firm can be of assistance to your business.