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Criminal Law

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Everybody makes their own path in life. James Casey Law in Ojai realizes that mistakes are made. We believe that people deserve a lawyer that is compassionate, understanding, informed, and willing to unconditionally fight for your rights. You should choose a criminal law attorney that you can trust to listen to your case and uncover every stone looking for evidence to vindicate you. No case is too small or too big. James Casey Law represents clients in all criminal law case types. James Casey Law is the best choice for you when it comes to a criminal law attorney in Ojai and the surrounding Ventura County areas. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.


Our goal is to work toward the elimination or reduction of the charges against you. We handle criminal law cases with the attitude that you and your case deserve our utmost attention and efforts. To that end, we work tirelessly to achieve the best possible results until your case concludes.